VR training of nurses

Nurses from the out-of-hospital acute care team in Kolding, Denmark, are now performing focused lung ultrasound scans (FLUS) in citizens’ own homes – their training included a VR module from VitaSim.

VR research studies

For more than 4 years, VitaSim has been involved in various research projects on learning and training with VR. We believe that technology can create better learning (if used in the right places), and we have participated in several studies that show that.

Students want more virtual reality

With our learning modules for VR Ultrasound, we strive to optimize learning and knowledge for medical students and healthcare personnel

Ergonomics study in VR

VitaSim creates VR software that stages the operation of a dishwashing machine, which demonstrates ergonomic principles.

VR VVS/Plumber education

Potential students can now try and experience vocational teaching for the VVS/plumber education in VR.