Join Jacob Sangild online as he shows and tells about building your own VR scenarios

Listen and watch as Jacob Sangild (Partner and senior innovation consultant) talks about how you build VR scenarios on your own on 19.05.2021, for training mentally, physically as well as teaching. With a licence for VitaSim, you can build VR scenarios without the need to code!  Read more about “dialogmøderne ‘Mental og fysisk træning med […]

Can I create learning scenarios, by myself, in Virtual Reality?

With VitaSim Author it is possible to create your own learning scenarios – in VR! The platform is a licensing software created for innovative didactics. Watch the video here. Possibilities: Choose the room you want to be in. Decorate said room, to use for your specific learning scenario. Create simple block coding for interactions, feedback […]

ECA – easy block coding to make your VR scenario more interactive!

Here at VitaSim it is very important for us to create a platform that is easy and intuitive to use, despite skill level. ECA is our very user friendly block coding system, which allows you to gather data, easily design quizzes and use block coding for the interactions. Perfect for customizing your own VR learning […]

It is now possible to record in 3D directly in VR!

It is now possible for you to record in 3D directly in VR. This makes it possible for your students to stand side by side with you in VR, following along instructions that you have previously given, recorded and shared. Give them a unique opportunity, to practice practical skills, over and over, in an environment […]

How do you research the use of Virtual Reality?

Doctor and PhD Student Niels Jacobsen, has taken up the challenge and tells here how he, in collaboration with VitaSim, has taken up the challenge. Why can it be a good thing to use VR for training at a lung diseases department? watch the video by clicking here.

When does it make sense to use VR/360 degree film and pictures?

This experience came to be in a collaboration between TimestoryVR, OUH Odense Universitetshospital – Svendborg Sygehus, Kunstmuseum Brandts and VitaSim. Long term in-patients can explore the museum and experience the art and immerse themselves in their own tempo, almost as if they were there themselves in real life.  All they need is to wear the […]

Why does it make sense to train learning scenarios in Virtual Reality? (VR)

VitaSim, In collaboration with Videnscenter for Velfærdsteknologi Vestdanmark, have spent the last year doing a OPI-project, where the instructors from the Sosu-educations have built learning scenarios in 360 degree video and VR. One of the scenarios deals with how you take the children’s perspective, ie how you experience everyday occurrences from a child’s perspective, here […]

How do you train hand hygiene in practice ?

Here the teachers have built a learning scenario used to train students in VR. First they get an introduction to the scenarios via a video, and afterwards the students themselves have to do the scenario, and see where the infection has spread to.  All this they do in VitaSim Author.  You can watch a video […]