VitaSim started on a shared car ride across Denmark where Rune and Eskild discovered a a common interest for improving education. Eskild was writing his bachelor thesis about the control of robot arms with virtual reality (VR), while Rune was teaching medical skills at university. Naturally, they discovered that VR had an impressive potential for teaching and training. 

Fueled by motivation, Rune and Eskild set out to change the world of skill practice. The quest started with the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and the development of a VR based training system for clinical ultrasound – from here the portfolio grew, and today VitaSim no longer create educational content, but instead provide a complete ecosystem where teachers themselves can create educational content in VR. 

We strive to improve the quality and accessibility of skill training while pushing the limits of human skill mastery – we do so by creating innovative solutions daily,  new research projects when it makes sense, and strategic partnerships whenever possible.

Our team

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Rune Jensen

CEO - Medical doctor

Rune is responsible for collaborations with institutions and overall strategy. He is passionate about education and works to increase it’s global accessibility and quality. He has +5 years of experience in university teaching and a background in medicine and research.

Eskild Andresen

CTO - MSc.Robotics

Eskild is responsible for the technical aspects of both hardware and software development. He has tremendous experience with VR and did his bachelor thesis on how to remotely control robotarms using VR. He strives for technological and educational innovation.

Anders Winter

COO - BSc. Robotics

Anders is responsible for project management, team coordination, and human resources. His competences include agile project management, communication and design. He is an experienced entrepreneur and has valuable experience from a previous CEO position in a tech-startup.

Jacob Sangild

Partner - Senior Innovation Consultant

With decades of experience in teaching and learning technology, as well as a deep insight into the EdTech industry, Jacob will take both existing and new pilot projects to new heights – in close collaboration with institutions and industry.

Tlf: +45 24220274

Emil Skov

VR Developer

Emil has a broad background from Medialogy and is responsible for platform and system related programming.

Bjarke Mejlvang

VR Developer

Bjarke has a background in Learning and experience technology and is proficient in fast prototyping and quick bug fixes.

Mikkel Laursen

VR Developer

Mikkel is an experienced game designer and can solve pretty much any development related challenges.

Emma Friedal

UX Specialist

Emma has a background within design and test of welfare technology. She is responsible for user testing, UI design and user work-flow, and ensures our softwares stays intuitive and easy to use. 

Mads Kristjansen

VR Developer

Mads is an experienced 3D and Unity developer and studies Learning and Experience Technology at the University of Southern Denmark. 

Jonas Dyreby


Jonas studies mathematics and economy at the University of Southern Denmark and makes sure our numbers add up.

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