Nursing students are training medication administration in VR

Medication is served over the counter, in the veins, as pills to thousands of patients every day and it’s no secret that there are a lot of medication errors involved which in worst case can have very serious consequences


One of the problems is that the math behind correct dosing and dispensing is quite complex and can be difficult for some to learn. The nursing school at UCL and VitaSim are working together to try to solve this problem by creating a virtual training scenario where nurses and nursing students can practice hands-on training of medication administration.

medication administration vr simulation

Students learn differently and we would like to target our learning activities to the individual students needs so they get out of here with solid professional skills. Drug calculation can be difficult for some because of the complex math behind it. We would like to visualize the math and give the students the possibility of training this with an instructor. We think we can create a better understanding and quality at the same time as giving the students time and security to train when and where they want to. Right now we're investigating the options and including both teachers and students i this developmental phase, and we're looking forward to seeing the results.

Mads Thorup Langelund

Chief consultant for healthcare educations at UCL


The advantages of training with VR is that you can do it anywhere and anytime without the supervision of a teacher because VitaSim’s scenarios have a built-in professional, virtual instructor who will guide the student all the way along. And in VR you can practice as much as you need to and even fail without it having consequences and that way you can learn from your mistakes through feedback from the virtual instructor. 

It can be difficult to reach everybody in a classroom situation and give proper feedback to the individual student. With our VR training scenarios we can make sure that the virtual instructor can help the student and give them good feedback. And the student can practice as much as they need and fail and improve whenever and wherever without any stress.

Jacob Sangild

CLO at VitaSim


VitaSim is already developing scenarios to cover the full curriculum for medication administration throughout the education as well as brand new training scenarios in other areas. This specific scenario is useful for any profession dealing with medication administration, eg. doctors, psychiatrists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals or students, so feel free to contact us here, if you would like to hear how we can target it for your group.

Watch our video about the above scenario