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ECA manipulation of Multiple Choice Quiz (MCQ)

It is possible to react to and manipulate MCQs with different events and actions.

Opening and closing a MCQ

You can open and close MCQs from ECA by using the two action blocks “Show MCQ” and “MCQ Close” to open and close MCS’s.

Choose “Show MCQ” from the “Choose Action” dropdown menu on the auction block. Now you need to specify what object the MCQ is related to. This will make the MCQ open in front of the player and gray out the player’s surroundings.

If you would like to have the MCQ open at a specific place you should open the MCQ on an MCQ hotspot that can be found under the equipment tap in VitaSim Author.

Next in the “Show MCQ” action block you have to choose what MCQ you wish to open on the chosen object. 

Lastly, you can choose if the player should be able to close the MCQ or is forced to answer the MCQ to continue.

Open and Close MCQ Example:

An example of using this can be seen below. This will open and close an MCQ on an MCQ hotspot based on the state of the toggle button.

Reacting on player input for MCQ:

You can see on different parameters how the player interacts with an MCQ.

Player closes an MCQ

You can see if the player is closing an MCQ with the “MCQ Closed”.

Close MCQ example

This example plays a sound when the MCQ is closed by the player.

Player completes MCQ

You can also see when the player completes the MCQ with the “MCQ Completed” Event block. You can then choose what MCQ you are reacting to when completed. 

MCQ completed example

This is an example where a sound will be played when an MCQ is completed.

MCQ question answers

You can react when a player answers a specific question with the “MCQ Any Answer”. You can choose what MCQ and what question you would like to listen to.

Example of an MCQ question answered

This is an example where a sound will be played when the question “What is 2+2” is answered. This will be played no matter if the answer were correct or not.

Specific MCQ result of an MCQ answer

You can create an event based on the answer to a specific question with the “MCQ Answer Result”. You choose the MCQ and its question you would like to react to and if it is when the player answers correctly or not. If the checkbox is ticked a reaction will happen if the player answers correctly on the specified question.

The “MCQ Answer” ECA event block is currently not working.

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