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Release Strategy

As part of our strategy to mature new features before they go live on the stable version of VitaSim Author, we regularly release them to our experimental release branch for testing. This page documents how to use the experimental features. Please note that access to these features requires that you are signed up for the Experimental version of VitaSim Author. You can do so by contacting

 VitaSim Author Stable

As the VitaSim Platform is still in continuous development and therefore rapidly evolving, we choose to provide a version focused on stability rather than frequent releases. This should ensure that users who need it can get a more stable experience, with better long-term support for the content created. This version will, of course, have less new features available than the Experimental branch, but more will come as they mature on the experimental branch of our releases. 

 VitaSim Author Experimental

The latest software release that includes all our previously presented features is “VitaSim Author Experimental VS-x.x.x”.

This branch of versions is considered experimental. While it provides a good testing base and allow users to try out many different features in our system, it will also contain bugs and we cannot guarantee that content built in this version will be supported in future releases.

You can sign up to participate in the testing of VitaSim Author Experimental by contacting