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Prepare students before their hands-on training with VR X-ray Simulation

The VR X-Ray Simulator is an innovative way for radiography programs to provide their students with realistic hands-on practice.

Using VR headsets students can enter an immersive and comprehensive virtual world with an extremely realistic X-ray lab, to practice on both healthy and sick patients.

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It is essential for students to develop a form of X-ray vision so they can work faster and reduce the radiation risk for patients. With VitaSim's solution, they can develop this skill before they encounter real patients.

Thanks to our technology, we can confidently claim that our solution is the most immersive, comprehensive, and realistic in the world.

  • Our X-ray images are dynamically generated and not just pulled from a database of existing images. This allows for even the smallest positional changes to be reflected in the images

  • The anatomy in both healthy and pathological cases is built on data from real CT scans, hence all bone details such as density and landmarks are accurately reflected in every image

  • All joints and moveable patient parts have been designed to reflect real anatomy; hence all joint movements are realistic – even in cases with fractures and other pathologies

Students love it!

100% “Agreed” or “Strongly agreed” that VR training was a fun way to learn1

100% “Agreed” or “Strongly agreed” that VR equipment was easy to use1

98% Agreed” or “Strongly agreed” that they would like more VR-training1

84% Agreed” or “Strongly agreed” that the use of VR kept them motivated to complete their training1

1Larsen JD, Jensen RO, Pietersen PI, et al. Ultrasound Med Biol. 2023 Mar;49(3):841-852. doi: 10.1016/j.ultrasmedbio.2022.11.011. Epub 2022 Dec 17.
It's a good way to practice before going out into the clinic. As long as we have student cards, we can use the VR simulator as much as we want.
RT Student

Practice your skills on multiple anatomical regions and cases​

The simulator lets students practice on various body parts with different bone conditions, covering all the essential X-ray views they need to excel.

Explore the VR X-ray Simulator

Comprehensive Simulation

From manipulating ceiling-mounted X-ray equipment to adjusting the collimator field, dive deep into every nuance of the X-ray process.

Dynamic Patient Positioning

Experience true-to-life patient movements, allowing for a comprehensive understanding and positioning practice.

Realistic Imaging

Using advanced algorithms, we generate X-ray images that mirror real-life scenarios based on bone density variations. In short, every adjustment a student makes, will be reflected in the images they get!

Radiographic Exposure Factors

Students can effectively use mAs and kVp to understanding how variations impact image brightness and contrast, practicing adjustments during imaging.

Immediate Assessment

Students promptly receive assessments of their images against evidence-based gold standards, facilitating real-time learning and improvement.


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