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Software Setup

Release strategy

All applications can be downloaded/accessed as an Experimental or Stable version – we call these release branches. This is part of our release strategy and it allow us to mature features before they receive long term support. Ensure that you download or access the intended version. Read more on our release strategy.

Note: The Stable and Experimental release branch can not be used in combination, or across products! This means that your user, organization and content wont be synchronized between release branches.

Author VR Application

Get the VR app for a standalone headset by contacting (48 hours response time)
Please include information about:

  1. Your Oculus account E-mail
  2. The application you are requesting access to (Stable or Experimental)
  3. Organizational relation
  4. Contact information

For manual installation please visit the download archive.

ECA Editor

Download the newest ECA Editor from the download archive.

Note: The Windows installations will in some cases warn you that the application is unverified. If possible extend the window by clicking “read more” or “advanced” and accept the risk. This is dependent on your windows security settings.

Enterprise web access

Access the web portal on ( for Experimental features)

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