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Upload Custom 3D objects

Note: This is an experimental feature only available on the experimental branch.

Starting from the release of 0.6.1 you will be able to send us 3D models by email on and we will make them available on your account within 48 hours – with no application update required. The 3D models will be personal but with organization-wide accessibility, hence, users outside your organization won’t be able to see or access them. 

  • Objects must be of type .fbx
  • Max model size of 200.000 Polygons
    • Note: A high amount of polygons in a room will result in longer loading times and a lower framerate. We recommend keeping the total polygons of a single room below 700.000 polygons
  • The model cannot be supported by more than 5 texture maps (normal, metallic, etc.)
  • The maximum size of each texture map is 1024 by 1024 pixels
  • The total size of the textures and model must be less than 60 mb
  • When sending 3D models, we also request that you provide a short description of the expected model size, i.e. small ( < 10 cm), medium (10 cm – 1m) or large ( > 1m)

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