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‘PatientInBed’ prefab

Here, we’ll show you how to use the Patient in Bed prefab with ECA.

In ECA you can use the “Play Animation” on the patient prefab. The structure of the call can be seen in the image. 

The image is the ECA shown in the Video. This activates the three different animations based on what object you are grabbing.

How to name the 3 different animations from ECA

To control the breath of the patient, there is 3 values which can be controlled via Metadata.

Breath Strength – Controls how much the chest exspands. range (0 – 100)

Breath Speed – Controls the speed of the exspansion, the value is how much it will change in a second. range (0-1000) use 0 to stop breathing

Breath Pause – Time between switching between breathing in and out, in seconds. range (0-1000)

The combined breathe cycle time can be calculated this way. ((breath strength/breath speed)+breath pause)*2

Default values for the breath is:

  • Breath Strength = 60
  • Breath Speed = 30
  • Breath Pause = 0,5

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