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Manage learning resources

This guide will teach you how to manage and distribute learning resources created in VitaSim Author.
You can manage the following types of learning resources.

  • General resource management
  • Training room management
  • 2D Videos management
  • 3D Demonstrations management

The following sections will cover the management and distribution of the above content.


All resources created in VitaSim Author can be distributed with a short content code of 4 letters.
You can find and activate this code by going to the Manage tab in the top bar.
You can sort through resources by using the left tabs to narrow your search to either Video, 3D Demonstration, or Training rooms. When you have found your resource, you can click the “Lock“ symbol on the resource to get a 4 letter code.

This resource code can be used for direct access to learning resources from VitaSim Author.
Read below on the specific access to different resource types.


Training rooms created in VitaSim Author can be experienced in VitaSim author or through the VitaSim Study Application. You simply open the VitaSim Study application and input the 4 letter resource code.


Video content can be managed inside VR and also distributed outside.

Viewing in VitaSim Study
Videos can be viewed in VitaSim Study with the 4 letter resource code.

Viewing on the web
Videos can also be viewed on the web with the 4 letter code on

Downloading the video
The video can also be downloaded from this page by right-clicking the video and choosing “save video as“

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