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Hotspot Change Volume Action

This example will show you how you can use ECA to change the volume of a 3D recording.

In this example there are two buttons, one that sets the volume to 0 when pressed and one that increases the volume with 0.1 per press.

In ECA for this example the Prefab Button Clicked Event block is used. For the Action block you will have to choose Set Metadata and then choose the 3D recording/hotspot, then choose Change Volume, finally you will have to choose what type of argument you want.

For Change Volume you have different options, you can choose Whole Number, Decimal Number or Math. If choosing Math the Action block will extend with three scroll tables where you first choose Metadata then choose the same 3D recording/hotspot as before then choose Change Volume and finally Decimal number.

In the video in the top you can see how this specific example of an ECA Action would appear in VR.

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