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Hotspot 2D Video Play, Paused and Ended

This example will show you how you can use the  Hotspot Play Pressed, ****** Hotspot Paused Pressed or Hotspot Play Ended Event.

In this example a 2D video/hotspot will appear when the player presses the Play button, and disappear when the player presses the Pause button. The 2D video/hotspot itself will disappear when the 2D video/hotspot ends.

In ECA you will use the Event block, where you choose Hotspot Play Pressed, Hotspot Paused Pressed or Hotspot Play Ended and then choose the hotspot from which the Event is to be performed.

Then choose the Action block and select which Action to perform when the Event occurs. To specify whether the 2D video/hotspot should be visible or invisible, the object’s metadata Active is set to 1 for visible and 0 for invisible.

In the video in the top you can see how this specific example of an ECA Event would appear in VR.

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