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Hiding icons

If you are a teacher building a room and you use a hotspot, you can hide the icon from the asset menu.

If you hide both the icon and the sphere, an eye-icon will appear that is only visible as the teacher.

This is so that you can see where the hotspot is if you need to access it again. This icon is still visible when you record a 2d video within the platform.

To mitigate this, you can use an empty image with transparent background and use that as the icon. This will fully hide the icon and you will not be able to see the hotspot.  

You can download an empty transparent image by right-clicking on this link and click “save link as..”. 

This is a website with transparent textures to choose from, click here.

WARNING: This trick will fully hide the hotspot and it can therefore be difficult to access the asset-menu, if you cant point directly at the hotspot. 

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