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Quest 2 headset:

We recommend getting the Oculus Quest 2 Enterprise. They’re priced at 5450 DKK and can be controlled centrally from a computer without having to log in to Facebook etc. To find more information, click this link. At present, there is a six-month waiting period for orders.

Alternatively, you can purchase the regular Oculus Quest 2, priced at 2600 DKK.


  • VR computer, if you’re building scenarios in VitaSim Author. If you’re a student, having a headset is sufficient. Author is accessible via standalone, but if you’re creating larger scenarios, we recommend connecting to a computer. Ask your retailer for a good solution.
  • 360 camera. We recommend go-proMax¬†or QooCam. The go-pro Max is user-friendly, quick in post-production, and records in 4K. QooCam records in 8K but requires more time in post-production.
  • Video formating. Handbrake is free. We always recommend formatting raw 360 recordings as it can significantly lower the file size.
  • Camera tripod. Prince range 500 – 2000 DKK.
  • Editing software. All price ranges.
  • Oculus Software. Has to remain open when you’re connected to a computer. Free.
  • Hygiene covers. We recommend getting covers that are easy to clean. For example these.

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