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ECA manipulation of metadata

You can set metadata with the action block called “Set Metadata”. You should specify on what object you have your metadata. Remember that you have to define your metadata before you can use it in your ECA stack.
After you have chosen the object you have your metadata on, you should choose the name of your metadata field. The last argument is a list of different ways to set the data on the metadata field. 

You have 5 different ways to specify data. The first three are for defining a single value. Remember to choose the type that you choose when setting up the metadata field (Number or text).

If you choose “Math” you will get three new options. Two options for new arguments like the first you got first and the middle option is what math operation you would like to apply to the two arguments.

Example 1

An example is to use this to count up the number of points a user gets.

Example 1

You can also use metadata to set the timeline on a 3d replay to a specific time. In this example when you press the button and the replay is playing, it will skip to the 2 second mark on the timeline

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