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ECA Hotspot manipulation

You are able to activate most of the settings on a hotspot from ECA that you can see in the asset menu.

Hotspot Hide

will hide the content of the hotspot

Hotspot show

Will show the content of the hotspot. Note that this is not the same as interacting with the hotspot, and using “Hotspot Show” on a video will only show the video, not play it.

Hotspot interact

Will simulate an interaction with the hotspot. If you use this on a video hotspot where the video is not shown, the video will show and begin playing. If on the other hand the video is playing and you use the “Hotspot Interact” the video will stop playing and the video will be hidden. You can also use “Hotspot Interact” on a content hotspot. This will cause the hotspot to load the player into the linked room.

Hotspot play/pause/stop

You can also play/Pause and stop Video, Sound, and 3d replay hotspots with “Hotspot Play”, “Hotspot Pause” and “Hotspot Stop”.

Hotspot UI

If you would like to hide the timeline from Video, Audio, or 2d replay hotspot you can use “Hotspot UI Hide” and unhide “Hotspot UI Show”

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