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ECA Button

The prefab button has two functionalities that can be accessed with an event block. You can switch between the two options from the Asset menu. When a prefab button is set to toggle, it acts in an on and off mode, switching from green to red. A non-toggle button is always grey.

Toggle button

A toggle button acts like a light switch that can be toggled on and off.

To use this action, choose the Event “Prefab button Is Toggled” from the dropdown menu, then choose the specific prefab button you wish to react to, and lastly chose what state you will react to.

If the check box has a tickmark this event will fire when the chosen button is toggled to its on (from red to green) position.

If the checkbox does not have a tickmark, the event will fire when the toggle button is changed off (from green to red)

Toggle button example

This is an example where the toggle button is used to show and hide UI on a video hotspot.

Push button

The push-button can be used to react when a prefab button is pressed. This works like a doorbell. 

To use this event, select “Prefab Button Is Clicked” from the dropdown menu and define which prefab button you would like to trigger on.

Push button example

This example plays a sound every time you push the button.

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