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Create, save and load room


In this section, we’ll go through how you create, save and load rooms in VitaSim Author. 

Choose environment
First, open the menu and click on the create tab.

Now, your first step is to decide which environment you want to create your learning scenario in. Click the environment tab on the left. You’re now able to chose from:

  • 3D Environments
  • 360 Images
  • 360 Videos

Add objects
Once you’ve chosen your desired environment, click ’create’ and ’add objects’ and a list of object categories appears. You’ll now be able to fill your room with objects from the list, e.g. ’Furniture objects’.

Grab and rotate objects

  1. Click on the objects you want to add to your scenario. Add as many as you like
  2. To grab hold of the objects, use the button on the side of the controller under your middle finger
  3. A circle will appear around the object as you grab it. The circle indicates the axis around which the object will rotate
  4. Use your thumb pad to rotate the object (push your thumb pad left or right) or to distance the object or pull it closer (up and down)
  5. To change the axis of rotation, click on the thumb pad while you have hold of an object and the circle will switch between three rotational options

Save your room

  1. Open your menu and click on ’Create’
  2. Click the ’Save room’ tab on the left and name your room.
  3. Click the check mark to save

Load room

  1. Open your menu and click on ’Create’
  2. Click the ’Load room’ tab on the left.
  3. Find your room and click the play button in the adjoining white box

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