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Animations On Objects

Some objects have the possibility to changes their state using animations. This is only implemented on some objects.

List of objects that have animations:

  1. GestureHand
  2. Handinstructer left and right
  3. Patient in bed
  4. Assistant CEUS

To use the animation, you use the action-block called “Play Animation” on one of the supported objects with the name of the animation you would like it to play. The animation names can be found under the section of the supported objects.

The ECA block to activate animations.

Assistant CEUS animations

  • Walk

You can tell the Assistant CEUS to walk to the Waypoint that can be placed. As of now, you can only instruct the assistant to walk to one waypoint. This is done by calling the Play Animation ECA block on the Assistant with the animation name “Walk” 

Gesture Hand animation

  • Point
  • Grab
  • Pinch
  • PointMove

Handinstructer Left and right animation

  • Default
  • Menu
  • Trigger
  • Grab
  • Teleport
  • Rotate

Only Right Hand

  • A
  • B

Patient in Bed

  • Sit
  • LayFlat
  • LayRaisedArms

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