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360 Video Hotspot

You can use the 360 video hotspot if you choose a 360 video as your environment from the menu.

Create → Environments → 360 Videos -> your 360 video

After choosing your 360 environment, you can remove the 3D environments by selection the empty 3D Environment in the menu.

Create → Environments → 3D Environments -> Empty

Now locate the 360 hotspot in the menu.

Create → Add Objects → Interactions →360 Hotspot

It is important that you choose the 360 video environment before you select the 360 video Hotspot. If the hotspot does not show an orange progress bar, then delete the 360 video Hotspot and select it from the menu again.

You can now interact with the 360 video from the 360 video hotspot. You can also use the ECA editor to manipulate the 360 video. You can use the HotspotPlay/HotspotPause actions or start the video from a specific point by setting the 360 video Hotspots metadata field “Time”. This can be seen in the video above. You can not use the HotspotStop event on the 360Hotspot.

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