X-ray Training in VR: Realism Without Radiation.

Realistic X-ray imaging, dynamic patient positioning, and a holistic approach to simulation. Dive into an experience that feels authentically real.

Introducing the VR X-ray simulator for radiographers:
Safe, Realistic & Proven VR X-ray Training

Radiation-Free Training: Experience realistic X-ray training without any radiation exposure, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Proven Value: Demonstrated success and acceptance in the Danish market, indicating a track record of effectiveness and satisfaction.

Realistic Practice: Provides lifelike X-ray scenarios for authentic learning, offering a true-to-life training experience.

Risk-Free Learning: Ensures student proficiency without patient exposure, minimizing potential harm or errors during training.

Efficient Skill Building: Accelerates students’ clinical readiness, enabling them to become skilled practitioners more quickly and effectively.

Realistic Imaging

Using advanced algorithms, we generate X-ray images that mirror real-life scenarios based on bone density variations. In short, every adjustment a student makes, will be reflected in the images they get!

Dynamic Patient Positioning

Experience true-to-life patient movements, allowing for a comprehensive understanding and positioning practice.

Comprehensive Simulation

From manipulating ceiling-mounted X-ray equipment to adjusting the collimator field, dive deep into every nuance of the X-ray process.

Immediate Assessment

Students promptly receive assessments of their images against evidence-based gold standards, facilitating real-time learning and improvement.

Practice your skills on multiple anatomical regions and cases

The simulator lets students practice on various body parts with different bone conditions, covering all the essential X-ray views they need to excel.


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