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The VR X-Ray Simulator is an innovative way for radiography programs to provide their students with realistic hands-on practice. Using a VR headset students can enter an immersive and comprehensive virtual world with an extremely realistic X-ray lab, to practice on both healthy and sick patients.

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How to Succeed with VR Training

A case study from UCL

The radiography program on UCL utilize our VR X-Ray Simulator to increase X-ray hands-on training and prepare students better for clinical rotations.

UCL Dedicated a room to VR X-Ray training, and constructed 4 VR training stations. 

UCLs implementation in the curriculum

36 students was grouped into twelves and further into teams of three across four VR stations. 

Each group got two hours in the virtual x-ray lab daily. 

A team-based learning approach where one student practices inside VR while the others observe and offer feedback is used to promote active engagement and collective skill development. 

A teacher is present to provide supervision.

It is essential for students to develop a form of X-ray vision so they can work faster and reduce the radiation risk for patients. With VitaSim's solution, they can develop this skill before they encounter real patients.

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Benefits of VR X-Ray Training

Improve learning outcomes

Using VR training as a supplement to classic training methods is proven to increase learning outcomes by more than 300%

Increase student pass rate

One hundred percent of students surveyed reported that VR training was a fun way to learn, and 84% agreed or strongly agreed that VR kept them motivated to complete their training

Increases capacity for and individual amount of hands-on training in X-ray
Enables each student to take +150 realistic X-ray images before clinical rotation

Releases resources so that teachers can focus on other activities

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Adjust, and reposition the x-ray tube

Realistic and interactive control of the ceiling-mounted X-ray system allows students to practice optimal positioning and collimation.

Position the patient

Realistic, interactive and and true-to-life patient positioning, allows the students to understand the positioning practice. Every virtual phantom we make is equipped with true-to-life range of motion. 

Adjust your Radiographic Exposure Factors​

Students can adjust mAs and kVp to understanding how variations impact image brightness and contrast, practicing adjustments during imaging.

Perform your projection

Our simulation treat each anatomical region as an virtual X-ray phantom. Cutting-edge algorithms generate X-ray imaging of these virtual phantoms in real-time. This means that every adjustment made by a student directly influences the live X-ray images they see on the screen, offering an unparalleled level of interactive learning.

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