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Three products - One ecosystem
We provide an evidence based software package for skill practice in virtual reality (VR). Produce VR based content with VitaSim Author.  Experience it with VitaSim Study. Explore world class content from VR creators who are distributing their content using VitaSim Enterprise.

VitaSim Author

VitaSim Author is a novel knowledge authoring tool that allows users to create educational content in VR.

VitaSim Study

VitaSim Study allow users to experience immersive lectures, hands-on demonstrations and interactive training tools in VR.

VitaSim Enterprise

For VR developers, experienced content creators and other companies with great VR based products.

Why VitaSim?

Evidence based software for professionals

Evidence based

Our research show that VR can work wonders in education - if used correctly! We happily guide to the best uses and never suggest VR in areas where it can't have a positive impact.

Freedom & flexibility

Creation of VR content can be a cumbersome and expensive consultancy service. We give the power of creation back to teachers by providing the necessary building blocks.

integration & Lti

Our products are built with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards in mind, and easily integrate with other learning technologies such as adaptive e-learning platforms.


Usability and user friendly design are part of our DNA! It is our vision that the software we provide is the easiest way to implement VR for skill training - we hope that shows.

Our mission

To improve the quality and accessibility of skill training while pushing the limits of human skill mastery.

Our partners

Building the future of skill training - one partnership at a time

Boston Scientific



Lungemedicinsk Forskningsenhed – ODIN Odense Universitetshospital



Odense University Hospital

University of Southern Denmark

Knowledge Center for Welfare & Assistive Technology West Denmark

Area9 Lyceum – Adaptive Learning Partner

Ilt Academy

Grøn / Bruun

Aalborg University

University College Nord

Laurea University of Applied Sciences

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