VitaSim Study allow users to experience immersive lectures, hands-on demonstrations and interactive training tools in virtual reality (VR). Content can be 2D videos, 360 videos, 3D demonstrations or 3D interactive experiences – or a combination! 

Students, trainees or employees can access virtual educational content or training tools through personalized user accounts or short passcodes distributed by teachers or instructors. 
Public content can be accessed by anyone using the application.


hands-on training

Enter VR where you can pick up and use virtual equipment, interact with virtual machinery or even take part in virtual simulated scenarios, lectures and workshops.

Explore content

Access the integrated marketplace to explore a diverse range of VR based content created by world class institutions and organisation from all over the world.

skill Demonstrations

Watch skill demonstrations and lectures in your browser as 2D recordings or experience the same demonstrations in fully immersive 3D using a range of VR headsets.

Accessible anywhere

Experience educational content using your browser or a VR headset. Access specific content distributed by your teacher, or public content available free of charge.


If you want to try our solutions or have questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Reach us through the form, send us an email or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you. 


No. This tool is useful for anyone wishing to learn and educate themselves using a different modality. Also institutions, industrial companies and organisations can use this tool to give students, scholars and employees access to their educational content and even collect data on use, challenges, certifications, and so on.

VitaSim Study is free to use. However, only public content is available for anyone to access. If you wish to access hidden content you need to obtain a “content code” from the organization supplying the content.

A paid version called VitaSim Study Pro also exists. This application is useful for institutions and organisation who wish to have individual student accounts. This allows them to schedule homework, collect data, track progress and ensure users complete specific educational content .

Contact us for a quote on VitaSim Study Pro licenses or can read more about our license packages here.

Also, any content created using VitaSim Author can be accessed for free through VitaSim Study. 

Contact us for more details. 

Anyone with access to a supported VR headset can use our VitaSim Study.
However, user controlled access and extended features are limited to VitaSim Study Pro. Contact us for details on pricing or to learn which hardware is supported. 

Yes and no. VitaSim Study is also a web based portal where you can experience 2D videos or podcast recorded in virtual environments. If you want to access 3D demonstrations or perform virtual hands-on training, you will need a virtual reality headset. 

The entire VitaSim platform is the result of a clear vision: To enable and improve the training of practical skills, while pushing the limits for human skill mastery.

We strongly believe that education is area in need of innovation and that the private sector can and should help shape the future of learning and training and enable a better educational ecosystem on a global scale. 

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