VitaSim Enterprise

For VR developers, experienced content creators and other companies with great VR based products.

VitaSim Enterprise allow companies, institutions and organisations with existing VR content to easily distribute, update and/or manage access to their content – all done remotely through a web browser.

Any content (2D videos, 360 videos, Unity based VR scenes) that is uploaded through the web based CMS can remotely be accessed through the free VitaSim Study app.


Add content

Let users access your content from anywhere in the world through individual user accounts or short passcodes.

Demo content publicly

Publish content as "public" to easily showcase demos of your virtual reality content. Anyone will be able to view and access public content through the free app VitaSim Study

Control access

In an instant change what your customers or users have access to, control licenses based on number of users and time periods, roll out new content to users and update existing content remotely.

Get an overview

Get detailed data analyses on your content and users through the same online portal where you upload and mange content.

Frequently asked questions

If you think that your content, your users or your organisation can benefit from VitaSim Enterprise simply contact us. 

It is free to upload and host your public content on our platform.

For paid content, where you charge your users for access, we also charge a subscription fee. 

If you’re from a large private or public organisation such as military, governmental or defence that wish to run their own private, dedicated Enterprise solution please get in touch for a quote. 

VitaSim is a new ecosystem for the training of skills. Contact Us.


VitaSim Enterprise is looking for contributors - you can write us to take part.
We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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