VitaSim Author is a novel skill and knowledge authoring tool, which allow users to create their own educational content in virtual reality (VR). In a three step process and without having to know code, you can make virtual educational content that fits you and your students’ excact needs.


First, select the teaching environment from a range of templates or create your own. Add virtual teaching tools, e.g. Powerpoint presentations, smartboards or blackboards or highly interactive equipment, e.g. medical imaging devices, surgical tools, industrial equipment or heavy machinery. Rearrange all objects as you like.


Next, perform your lectures or skill demonstrations inside VR, without the need for physical equipment. The environment and the objects you have added, your speech, movements and interactions are automatically recorded.


Now, you are ready to share your customized content with your audience. Your recordings can be exported as either 2D content, 3D demonstrations or as interactive training tools - whichever you prefer. Publish and let them experience your lecture or learning scenario as many times as they please.


Build VR traininG rooms

Create virtual training rooms from a huge library of environments, interactive teaching tools and thousands of interactive 3D objects.

Record videos in VR

Record podcasts and videos in VR. Distribute it to students or users online or through your local learning management system.

3d skill Demonstrations

Teach and demonstrate practical skills in the virtual world, record it in 3D to let students and users experience it as self-directed learning later.

Let students practice

The training rooms you create can be distributed to students as interactive VR training rooms where students can practice again and again.


If you’re interested in our solutions or have questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Reach us through the form, send us an email or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you. 


No. The tool can also be used by instructors, consultants, industrial experts and many others including large organisations where re- and up-skilling is relevant. 

Not necessarily. Virtual reality should ideally be used as supplementary training or educational material. It is not our mission to remove the benefits linked to real hands-on skill training. However, research show that VR as supplementary training comes with great educational benefits both regarding quality and costs.

The short answer is yes. VitaSim Author is a content authoring tool and currently only accessible with a license. However, if you are working in academia and wish to use it for research purposes, or affiliated with a public institution or working in an educational setting making an important difference for society you can request a free license. 

Also, any content created using VitaSim Author can be accessed for free through VitaSim Study. 

Contact us for more details. 

Yes. VitaSim Author has been made in collaboration with teachers and experts in user experience. From the very beginning our goal has been to make it easy for anyone including people with no technical experience to create virtual educational content. Therefore our app is designed with an intuitive menus, simple workflows and built in guidance and tutorials. 

The only requirement is that you have access a supported virtual reality headset. 

The entire VitaSim platform is the result of a clear vision: To enable and improve the training of practical skills, while pushing the limits for human skill mastery.

We strongly believe that education is area in need of innovation and that the private sector can and should help shape the future of learning and training and enable a better educational ecosystem on a global scale. 

In theory: any topic and only the teachers imagination sets the limit. With that said we advice that users focus on practical skills, procedures, operation of machinery or equipment, and in general areas where the user needs to move around, use their hands, interact with objects, use their spatial senses or similar. 

No. We have seen great use cases of virtual reality in many other areas, including mental health, complex theoretical concepts, memory enhancing techniques, etc.  

We work closely with companies that focus on virtual reality experiences in other areas and look forward to launching them on our platform in the future.

Yes. VitaSim Author works great for the production of virtual lectures, podcasts, video demonstrations and even classic YouTube video series.

Any content created in VitaSim Author can be distributed as 2D videos (i.e. for online learning, YouTube, etc.), 3D demonstrations (accessible through virtual reality allowing the users to experience fully immersive skill and procedural demonstrations while walking around inside them) and as virtual reality based training rooms where the user can perform virtual but lifelike hands-on training. 

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