Explore the possibilities that Virtual Reality has to offer those working with learning,
being in private or public

Enhanced learning

By using Virtual Reality for learning, it is possible to create both more effective and engaging learning than what traditional e-learning is capable of

Reduce training cost and travel requirements

Be independent on location and upskill globally

Effective and low-cost repetition of any simulation

Collect and analyze data to give valuable feedback

Simulate real scenarios with real people

Feel prepared based on hands-on experience

Creative simulation

Virtual reality, or VR, is taking off in education
with an ever increasing number of schools and institutions implementing the technology. 

Multiple studies showing an increase in both learning and results.

Erhvervstanken Case Study

Thank you for bringing our thoughts to life so that we together can develop a new guidance practice.

Career learning is about being curious and exploring new opportunities!

With VR, young people get access to a whole new learning dimension 
where several parts of the sensory apparatus are activated,
and they thus get a more holistic understanding of the possibilities with different vocational educations”

– Helene Pedersen, Adolescent Education Supervisor, ErhvervsTanken Odense


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