Explore the possibilities VR has to offer those working with private or public education

Enhanced learning

By using VR for learning, it is possible to create both more effective and more engaging learning than with traditional e-learning

Reduce training costs and travel

Flexible location and global upskilling

Effective and low-cost simulation and repetition

Collect data and provide for individual feedback

Simulate and train real scenarios 

Use virtual hands-on experience to prepare 


Case study: Erhvervstanken

Thank you for bringing our thoughts to life so that we together can develop a new guidance practice.

Career learning is about curiosity and exploring new opportunities!

With VR, young people get access to a whole new learning dimension 
where several parts of the sensory apparatus are activated,
and they thus get a more holistic understanding of the possibilities with different vocational educations.”

– Helene Pedersen, Adolescent Education Supervisor, ErhvervsTanken Odense

Why VitaSim?


Research tells us that VR can work wonders in education – when used properly! We’ll guide best uses and never suggest VR in areas where it wont have a positive impact.


Our products are built with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards in mind, and easily integrate with other learning technologies e.g. adaptive e-learning platforms.


Creation of VR content can be a cumbersome and expensive consultancy service. We give the power of creation back to teachers by providing the necessary building blocks.


Usability and user friendly design are part of our DNA! It is our vision that the software we provide is the easiest way to implement VR for skill training – we hope it shows.

Our solutions

We provide an evidence based software package for skill practice in virtual reality (VR). With VitaSim Author, you can produce your own VR based content. VitaSim Study allows you to experience virtual lectures or hands-on practice sessions. And with VitaSim Enterprise, you can explore world class content from experienced VR creators.


VitaSim Author is a novel knowledge authoring tool that allows users to create customized educational content in VR – without having to know code


VitaSim Study allows users to experience immersive lectures, hands-on demonstrations and interactive training tools in VR


VitaSim Enterprise is a collaboratory platform for VR developers, experienced content creators and other companies with great VR based products

Positve results

VR is taking off in education with an ever increasing number of schools and institutions implementing the technology. 

Multiple studies shows an increase in both learning, motivation and transfer of skills.

''VR is a fun and giving way to learn new material''
‘’Super good and immersive way to learn. It would clearly be an advantage to receive more learning this way, and in other complex subjects where practical skills altså play a big role.’’
‘’To be able to see it being done and explained right by your side, worked really well for me’’
‘’Very innovative and exciting way to learn practical skills. I hope VR is implemented in further areas of the medical field’’


No. The tool can also be used by instructors, consultants, industrial experts and many others including large organisations where re- and up-skilling is relevant. 

Not necessarily. Virtual reality should ideally be used as supplementary training or educational material. It is not our mission to remove the benefits linked to real hands-on skill training. However, research show that VR as supplementary training comes with great educational benefits both regarding quality and costs.

The short answer is yes. VitaSim Author is a content authoring tool and currently only accessible with a license. However, if you are working in academia and wish to use it for research purposes, or affiliated with a public institution or working in an educational setting making an important difference for society you can request a free license. 

Also, any content created using VitaSim Author can be accessed for free through VitaSim Study. 

Contact us for more details. 

Yes. VitaSim Author has been made in collaboration with teachers and experts in user experience. From the very beginning our goal has been to make it easy for anyone including people with no technical experience to create virtual educational content. Therefore our app is designed with an intuitive menus, simple workflows and built in guidance and tutorials. 

The only requirement is that you have access a supported virtual reality headset. 

The entire VitaSim platform is the result of a clear vision: To enable and improve the training of practical skills, while pushing the limits for human skill mastery.

We strongly believe that education is area in need of innovation and that the private sector can and should help shape the future of learning and training and enable a better educational ecosystem on a global scale. 

In theory: any topic and only the teachers imagination sets the limit. With that said we advice that users focus on practical skills, procedures, operation of machinery or equipment, and in general areas where the user needs to move around, use their hands, interact with objects, use their spatial senses or similar. 

No. We have seen great use cases of virtual reality in many other areas, including mental health, complex theoretical concepts, memory enhancing techniques, etc.  

We work closely with companies that focus on virtual reality experiences in other areas and look forward to launching them on our platform in the future.

Yes. VitaSim Author works great for the production of virtual lectures, podcasts, video demonstrations and even classic YouTube video series.

Any content created in VitaSim Author can be distributed as 2D videos (i.e. for online learning, YouTube, etc.), 3D demonstrations (accessible through virtual reality allowing the users to experience fully immersive skill and procedural demonstrations while walking around inside them) and as virtual reality based training rooms where the user can perform virtual but lifelike hands-on training. 

Other cases


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