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nordic health tech talents DEMO DAY 2020

Venture Cup Denmark and Novo Nordisk Foundation / Novo Nordisk Fonden invited 10 startups from around the Nordics to pitch, meet and network with other partners of the Nordic Health Tech Ecosystem at the  BioInnovation Institute in Copenhagen. 

The event was the conclusion a program called Nordic HealthTech Talents, which VitaSim has been participating in for 8 months. 

FiRst workshop in PPI "vr SOSU Platform"

Monday 24th February, the first workshop in the PPI project with partners VitaSim and VFVVest was held. The entire project plan was drawn out and presented for all partners, final adjustments were made, and first steps in certifying the involved teachers were taken. 

PPI-project 2020

In December 2019, a “Public-Private Innovation (PPI) Project” between VitaSim and the Knowledgecenter for Welfaretech West Denmark (VFVVest) was announced. The aim is to develop and adjust a virtual reality learning platform for SOSU educational programs. 

The project is financially supported by the European Union and the Region of Southern Denmark. 

By the way

Startup Station Night 2019

VitaSim won the "Best Pitch" award!

Startup Station Night 2018

VitaSim won the "Best idea, timing and team" award!