Fresh results from a research project that explored how our VR simulator from VitaSim is utilized in radiography education

The study involved 10 students, who tried our VR simulator to see if it could assist them in becoming proficient at taking X-rays of the wrist.

Before and after their experience with the simulator, they were asked about their confidence level in taking these X-rays. Interestingly, although the students generally appreciated the simulator, their confidence did not significantly increase.

But that’s not the whole story. Almost all of the students (90% of them) thought our VR X-ray room was incredibly realistic. They also felt that the VR simulator could greatly contribute to their education.

The researchers behind the study believe this demonstrates the potential of VR as a valuable learning tool, although they stress the need for further research.
Read the entire study HERE

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to the researchers who conducted this invaluable study. A special thank you to Janni Jensen for leading this research.
We are also grateful for the contributions of the rest of the research team Ole GraumannRune Overgaard JensenSigne GadeMaria Grabau ThielsenWinnie MostPia Iben Pietersen

At VitaSim, we are encouraged by these results and look forward to continuing to refine and expand our VR simulator. As we step into the new year, half of the radiography schools in Denmark will start using our simulator. Meanwhile, we are diligently working on spreading its usage across Europe. Moreover, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our simulator to encompass all major joints!