Unveiling VR-BOSS: A Leap Forward in Surgical Simulation Training!

Exciting news! In a world facing up to 20 million wrist fractures each year, the demand for skilled surgeons has never been greater.

Recognizing this, we at VitaSim, in collaboration with experts from the internationally renowned simulation center CAMES, have developed a game-changing solution: the Virtual Reality Basic Osteosynthesis Surgery Simulator ➔VR-BOSS!

Despite the proven effectiveness of simulation-based training, no commercially available simulators existed for training and testing skills in open wrist fracture surgery – this will soon change. Our VR-BOSS simulator is the result of a novel, evidence-based approach to simulator development.

Built to test what matters most, VR-BOSS is developed on the basis of an assessment tool conceived through international expert consensus and just published in The Journal of Hand Surgery as a collaboration between CAMES and the world-leading orthopedic organization AO Foundation.
Through VR simulation future surgeons can learn from their mistakes and by repeated training achieve sufficient surgical competence, before performing real surgeries under supervision. All in an effort to maximize patient safety.

VR-BOSS is designed for training younger orthopedic surgeons. Still, it also holds enormous potential for educating operating room nurses and as a refresher and ‘re-certification’ for more experienced surgeons. All you need is a good computer and VR goggles.

Stay tuned for more updates as we finalize the simulator, embark on validating studies, and aim to revolutionize surgical training.

Link to the full study: