Exciting Collaboration between UC SYD, the Ministry of Health, and VitaSim

Exciting Collaboration between UC SYD, the Ministry of Health, and VitaSim 

We are thrilled about our partnership with UC SYD, where we are collaboratively developing a groundbreaking VR simulation training for medication management procedures within nursing education.

This innovative training approach will take place through peer-to-peer instruction in virtual reality (VR), where a pre-recorded avatar mentor will guide students through various procedures. This training tool will enable students to repeat the training as many times as they want, whenever and wherever they desire, ensuring maximum flexibility and accessibility.

In the accompanying video, you will get an exclusive sneak peek into our work in the medication room. Although not yet complete, you will be able to catch a glimpse of a procedure and get a sense of what the final product will look like.

A central part of this VR training is individual feedback. Students will be able to receive personalized feedback on their performance, supporting them in identifying areas in need of improvement and further development – here, it’s safe to make mistakes 😊

After adding didactics and developing various scenarios around medication management, we will test and refine the training before implementing it into the educational programs. Subsequently, UC SYD hopes to gather funds to conduct follow-up research, to evaluate the effectiveness of this pioneering training method.

We look forward to seeing how our collaboration with UC SYD and the Ministry of Health will aid nursing education, reduce medication errors, and improve patient care.

A big thank you for the close collaboration to Dorte Buxbom Villadsen, Marianne R. Husted, Signe Rasch, and Rikke Steffensen.

Also, thanks to the Ministry of Interior and Health, who have financially supported the project.