2022 was a good year for VitaSim, but 2023 will be wild!

At VitaSim, we have developed an evidence-based simulation platform for training and learning for healthcare professionals. This is to provide flexibility, calm, immersion, engagement, higher expertise and to save resources in the healthcare sector.

We are in a rapid development and have chosen to focus on something that we are sure many can benefit from. We are
building the future of virtual simulation centers. From here you can always get training from the best master, whenever and wherever you want. You train interactively and can get feedback right away.

We have been involved in several research projects in the last 5 years and have built our platform based on what we know works.

A little about 2022

In the spring, we released a comprehensive research document with all the research activities and results that we have participated in. If you haven’t read it yet, send an email at js@vitasim.dk

We built a X-ray simulator for radiographers.

Medication dosing and intravenous administration for nursing students and nurses. (see post)

Ultrasound-guided drop placement

Focused ultrasound scanning of trauma patients
Research article published in Ultrasound in medicine and biology 
Training of emergency nurses in Kolding Kommune 

In 2023 we look forward to

In collaboration with Interdisciplinary Orthopaedics, we will be creating VR-assisted training for novice ultrasound users in ultrasound of pediatric hips compared to traditional mentorship.

Further development of medication management for nurses in collaboration with UC SYD supported by Indenrigs- og Sundhedsministeriet

In collaboration with Research and Innovation Unit of Radiology , Maja Verland will now start her research in focused abdominal ultrasound.

We are building a scenario on Lumbar puncture for medical students and younger doctors, in close collaboration with SDU Campus Esbjerg

In collaboration with SDG Landing Pad and Innovation Centre Denmark Tel Aviv, we will be training radiographers in radiation therapy for cancer patients.

In collaboration with CAMES we will provide training in orthopedic surgical treatments.


Will you join us on the journey? 

We have just opened an investment round to offer even more education and training for today’s and future healthcare professionals.
if you want to hear more, send an email to CEO Rune Overgaard Jensen ro@vitasim.dk

There are so many to thank that the list would not fit in this entire post. So just thank you 

Happy New Year!