Interns create VR simulations for healthcare students

Four interns from University College Lillebælt’s (UCL) information technology education and one student from University of Southern Denmark’s (SDU) health informatics and technology engineering programme are working together to create learning simulations for VitaSim’s VR content library for nursing educations.

For VitaSim it’s part of our DNA to welcome interns into our business, and VitaSim seems to be a popular place to do an internship. The students not only learn important lessons about team collaboration and project management, but they can also try out the skills they’ve already acquired by working on specific projects.

The students from UCL are building the simulations in VitaSim’s own platform, VitaSim Author, while the student from SDU is mapping the learning flow needed in the simulation. Right now they’re working on a simulation where nursing students can practice giving injections in VR. For Martin Bjerkov Hansen (SDU) it’s very important to take mistakes into account:

“It’s crucial that you can give some kind of feedback when you make a mistake. It’s not enough to create simulations where you can only do things right.”

And that’s exactly the great advantage of doing training in VR: you’re able to practice over and over again and make mistakes without it causing discomfort to patients or having fatal consequences.

Working in an interdisciplinary team is a great advantage to everyone because they can learn from each other and about different working methods. And apart from learning to create learning simulations i VitaSim Author they also experience what it’s like working in a company and managing projects. Signe Johansen fra UCL states:

“I’m surprised how well VitaSim has taken care of us and made sure our projects are meaningful. We’re working on some specific projects, but it’s also very important that we learn something new.”

But it’s not only the students who benefit from this collaboration. For VitaSim it means that we can test some new, innovative projects that we otherwise wouldn’t have the ressources to work on. It means we can not only learn more about ourselves as a business but also give back skills to the students. That is real value for us.

Thank you to Mikkel Nordahn, Daniel Havemann, Nikoline Nielsen, Signe Johansen, Martin Bjerkov Hansen and Jan Brown.

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