Research studies on simulated training and learning in Virtual Reality

For more than 4 years, VitaSim has been involved in various research projects on learning and training with VR. We believe that technology can create better learning (if used in the right places), and we have participated in several studies that show that.

1. In 2018 we build an e-learning module in VR.

The study only showed a small difference in the learning outcome between VR and e-learning. So no valid indication that the result is better with VR.

2. A combination of e-learning and VR training

Afterwards we did a study where e-learning was supplemented with 12 minutes training in a VR scenario. The result showed that those who completed both e-learning and VR training had a test score in the following test 300% above those who only did e-learning.

3. Training of basic skills in VR.

In this study we wanted to see if you can reduce normal teaching and train basic skills with VR instead. The study showed that you can achieve the same skills with training in VR and in that way replace normal training with training in VR.

Image shows points obtained by beginners and experts in the test, as well as the establishing limit for passing the test.

4. VR as a tool for skills assessment.

This study was not about training with VR, but to see if you can evaluate students skills by having them complete different procedures in VR. We learned that VR can replace traditional tools for skills assessment.

5. Training with VR at home.

In this study we wanted to see if students could train at home by bringing the VR headset home. The students achieved the learning goals, did not need support and 47 out of 48 wanted to do more VR training at home.

(The study will be published soon).

Students comments on VR training

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