VR dishwashing station

VitaSim is supporting education with VR development in ergonomic science!

VitaSim creates VR software that trains future professionals. One of our projects stages the operation of a dishwashing machine, which demonstrates ergonomic principles that are taught in some vocational educations. 

One of our education partners, the University College Lillebælt, has implemented the VR dishwashing experience in several ways: the students learn about the ergonomic approach of operating a dishwashing machine; meanwhile, their peers are invited to observe and reflect upon the witnessed procedures, such as emptying the dishwasher. Our software offers a very robust form of education in comparison with the traditional teaching methods. 

With VitaSim Author, instructors can make use of a 360 degrees immersive experience, invite students to interact, reflect and discuss.
This is a powerful educational tool that will boost the learning possibilities in educational institutions.

In the video below Anders Winter from VitaSim is quickly showcasing the tutorial, using an Oculus headset. We have recorded him in the physical world, in parallel with his action in VR.

VitaSim creates software that trains skilled and confident future professionals, offering unlimited practice time in the virtual space. 

This creates more qualified graduates, saving time and resources for their employers. Everyone wins! 

And the best part? – with VitaSim Author YOU can set your own dishwashing station too!

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