VVS/Plumber practice in VR

How can we make vocational educations an appealing and exciting choice?

Together with ErhvervsTanken Odense, we at VitaSim have developed a series of VR scenarios that show potential students what they must learn practically in their curriculum. These scenarios do not apply to a specific school, but they bring forth the appeal of vocational educations and why we should choose them. 
Here is a video example of a practical trial of the plumber education. The students get to pick what to work with and they can get their hands on some tinkering.  

Furthermore, on the 1st of October 2020 and the 11 days that followed we welcomed the first participants from the 7th – 10th grades during Technology Day event to try the plumber education VR program we developed. The participants were from Odense, North of Funen, Assens and the Nyborg Municipality.  
They all gave us thumbs up! 

Our users are not alone. The software comes with a personal teacher, who shows them what to do. The best part about him is that he is always friendly, available at the student’s convenience and he never gets tired.

With this form of learning, there’s room for making mistakes and learning from them, the tutoring can be repeated until the learner feels comfortable enough to profess in real life.