Why does it make sense to train learning scenarios in Virtual Reality? (VR)

VitaSim, In collaboration with Videnscenter for Velfærdsteknologi Vestdanmark, have spent the last year doing a OPI-project, where the instructors from the Sosu-educations have built learning scenarios in 360 degree video and VR.

One of the scenarios deals with how you take the children’s perspective, ie how you experience everyday occurrences from a child’s perspective, here the opportunity arrives to reflect over your own practice. 

We can talk a whole lot about our own practice, but when we see and listen to ourselves from others perspective, it grants us the opportunity to reflect upon ourselves in ways that were impossible before. 

Another scenario deals with the breaking of infection routes. Here you can train hand hygiene in a virtual room with a citizen and afterwards see how the infection has spread.  

To read the article click here. (Only available in danish).

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