Knowledge, education and training of the future public sector personnel are essential and fundamental elements, especially in the social and healthcare sectors. Requirements for the students’ professionalism, skills and use of technological aids are rising as new knowledge and research in their areas of profession grow. There is a need for more educated employees – with more knowledge – in less time – and preferably for less financial resources.

PPI-PROJECT 2020: VR SOSU Platform

VitaSim is developing a virtual reality learning platform for SOSU educational programs.

Education and training of personnel is essential for a functioning social- and healthcare sector. The requirements for students’ professionalism, skills and know-how of technological aids are rising and the corresponding curriculums are growing. There is a need for more educated employees - with more knowledge - in less time - and preferably for less financial resources.

we create and customize solutions.

In collaboration with

In collaboration with the Knowledge Center for Welfare & Assistive Technology West Denmark, VitaSim are adapting their existing software package to a tailor-made learning platform in Virtual Reality (VR). Using this platform, educators and students will be able to create, organize and visualize different types of educational material and  train a range of relevant skills in VR.

The platform is expected to save teaching hours and resources, remove large financial up-front consultant costs, and by acting as a safe, innovative learning environment bridge the gap between theory and professional practice.

VitaSim’s vision is to establish an ecosystem that embraces both institutions and private organizations in the educational sector – the VitaSim software package will help pave the way for widespread development and easy implementation of VR in education and training.

The aim of the project “VR SOSU Platform” is to customize and implement a VR learning platform where users can create and share educational material and training tools. It provides a unique opportunity for integration with existing e-learning systems through Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards, creative in-house development by both teachers and students, and an environment for sustainable and future-proof content.

The project's target concept.

Specialized and professional development for the future.

The collaboration with the Knowledge Center for Welfare & Assistive Technology West Denmark utilize a large network with professional experience in a number of relevant fields and all parties will draw value from open knowledge exchange. 

The Knowledge Center was among the first institutions in Denmark to implement VR in their educations and has a wide network within Social Welfare & Health Training in Denmark, which they support with educational resources.

The collaborative project is expected to provide VitaSim with a unique insight into the needed validation and further development needs of their software. Furthermore, it will increase end-user potential and revenue, which in turn will lead to local job creation and increased export opportunities as a result of better product-solution validation in the public sector.

For The Knowledge Center the product is expected to save time for teachers, save costs for new teaching material and lower student drop-out rate – and ultimately make future social and health professionals better equipped for their professional careers.

The project has received support from the fund for Public-Private Innovation (PPI) Partnerships in the Region of Southern Denmark of which Welfare Tech is the main operator. PPI allocates financial funds for testing, adaptation and development of health and welfare technology products. 

The economical ressources for PPI projects come from both Regional Business Development Funds and from the European Regional Development Fund and runs from 01/01/2019-31/12/2021. 

A total of DKK 3 billion will be invested in the period 2014-2020 in growth and employment in Denmark, targeted for, among other things, innovation, education and employment promotion. The project “VR SOSU Platform” takes place in the period 01/02/2020 – 01/10-2020.

Support from the European Regional Development Fund.

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