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An ecosystem for educational content in virtual reality


Choose the teaching environment from a selection of existing or create your own and customize it. 

Then add classic teaching tools such as power point presenters, whiteboards, blackboards and smartboards. 

Finally add specific, highly interactive equipment such as medical imaging devices, surgical tools, industrial equipment or heavy machinery. Rearrange all objects as you like. 


Perform your lecture inside VR but without the need for any physical equipment. The environment, the objects, your speech, movements and interactions are automatically recorded. 

Recordings can be exported as: 

  • 2D content usable in existing e-learning and other self-directed courses.
  • 3D demonstrations where students can view a procedure demonstration from all angles inside VR.
  • Interactive training tools where students can practice the procedure using realistic hands-on training in VR. 
Afterwards use the content management system (CMS) to handle and or limit access to the created content. 


Through the CMS give specific students or classes access to the content created- or make it publicly available on our free student application. 

External content such as 360 videos and Unity created scenes can also be added. 

The CMS and student app integrate seamlessly with existing teaching tools through LTI and content can be  licensed to other users through the market place.

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